Resources for FLAT EARTH

Knowing who to trust when it comes to researching Flat Earth Truth is very important. When my husband I first ran into the ridiculous claims of flat earth, it was just beginning to take hold and the resources were not as plentiful as they are today.  Now people will put "flat earth" in the titles of their youtube videos as click bait.  And not to come off as sounding as a loon, but people don't want the truth out there, they put out videos that make ridiculous claims about the flat earth, making all flat earthers look like they should be locked up.  Flat Earth Society is one example of this, they put out a few good tidbits of truth, then follow up with crazy accusations that will stop people in their tracks from looking any further into flat earth. 

If you are here, I am hoping it is because you are looking for answers.  I want to start by saying I don't have all the answers, none of us do.  The key is that we are all searching for truth.  We continue testing, thinking, testing some more until answers can be found.  Now please remember, when the Globe was first introduced, it was based on all theories and no proof.  Until it was finally accepted as such without anything but theories to back it up. It wasn't until the 60's that we got the "proof".  I will try to provide answers to most FAQ, and hopefully you will continue to dig deeper.

There are generally 2 questions that are always asked first...this of course is only after they established the fact that you are being serious. 

The first question people ask is ALWAYS...If the earth is flat, how come we just don't fall off...usually followed by a laugh or smirk...I was guilty of this myself... 

We were fairly lucky because we stumbled on Rob Skiba, (filmmaker, researcher and author) not long after he stumbled upon it himself.  He set out to "prove all things"  I actually think he set out to disprove the ridiculousness of flat earth, only to begin a journey he never thought he would be on.  He has put in hundreds of hours researching this subject, while taking the time to share is findings, even taking the time to debunk one of his own videos.  He had done extensive research on the subject of Flat Earth.  The main thing that kept him moving forward in this ridiculous claim of Flat Earth, is he just couldn't discount what the bible had to say on the matter, that, and the fact that every time he put a theory to test, it always favored the flat earth model.  

There are may people out there who now see the truth, and a lot of great resources, but knowing who to trust can be challenging...

So with that said I would like to provide some recommendations on where to start...

Short on Time ... This 5 minute video put out by ODD has a lot of great info in it, and who doesn't have 5 minutes...

Check out ODD's Channel more great Flat Earth Truth

He is always uploading new videos and also has a 24/7 live stream playlist of his and others videos.

Here is a list of others who are my go to sources for truth

Rob Skibba's Channel

Here you can follow Rob Skibba on his journey as he discovers the flat earth one clue at a time. 

 here are a few other must see videos 


How the sun set and moon work on the flat earth 

this video also shows how a 24 day would work on a flat earth

How the 4 seasons work on a flat earth

Simple test anyone can do for themselves

 I will be adding more resources as time allows